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5 Reasons Why We Absolutely Adore Merino Wool


Merino wool is a natural fibre that is shorn humanely from Merino sheep. This specific breed of sheep has its origins in Spain. The monarchs here have kept their own royal flocks since the 1700s, and the prized Merino has been revered for the soft, fine fleece of its wool ever since.

It’s not just a prestige thing either. Merino wool has some truly special character traits that set it apart from other kinds of natural fibres. This includes:

Tremendous thermo-regulating properties

Merino wool is exceptionally breathable and contemporary spinning technology allows us to turn it into fabrics that easily outperform synthetics on all fronts. When it's warm, the wool naturally wicks away moisture from your body by absorbing it and evaporating it towards the outside of the garment; and when it's cold out the moisture will condense inside the fibre to keep you toasty. Isn't nature amazing?

Awesome odour resistance

Even if you exert yourself completely while wearing a Merino wool garment, you can rest assured that all of the odour molecules will come right out in the wash. The same cannot be said of synthetic fabrics and even certain types of cotton.

Naturally non-allergenic

Merino wool is a hypoallergenic fibre that is safe for most skin types to enjoy.

Exceptional ease of wearing & washing

Speaking of washing and wearing - there is nothing quite as easy to own and maintain as a Merino wool garment. If you follow the care instructions correctly (e.g. remember to wash your garment at a low temperature) it will reward you with many years of high-quality wear.

Additionally, because the fibres of the wool are so fine, it dries very quickly and if you hang it out according to manufacturer specifications, ironing will be entirely optional because the fibres are very elastic, and therefore wrinkle resistant. 

Beautifully biodegradability

Ethically-minded fashion enthusiasts will also be happy to know that Merino wool is naturally biodegradable, so when a garment comes to the end of its lifespan it will decompose in the soil after only 12 months if you compost it in the right way.

In short, Merino wool is a miracle fibre that walks the fine line between comfort, style, and performance. There’s nothing else quite like it!


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