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Wash Care

By its very nature, sheepskin has self-cleaning properties – welcome news to busy parents. However there are some easy steps to help you look after your sheepskin and keep it in pristine condition.
Wash Care
You can use a fine-tooth pet grooming brush (new) to often comb out the fleece after prolonged use. This will remove excess dirt and fluff up the merino fibres.
Sheepskin is naturally stain resistant. By using a damp soapy cloth you can remove most spillage from a sheepskin rug or pram/car seat liner.
Always hang sheepskin rugs or pram liners/car seat liners out of direct sunlight and away from artificial heat sources to dry.
Most often, a good shake and brush will sort most cleaning requirements. But in the rare occasion when needed, hand wash your genuine sheepskin items only when necessary and only with a gentle cleanser that is intended for this purpose, such as Woolite.
It is preferable to hand wash the articles in cold water and hang them to dry in a shaded, well-ventilated area, flat, skin side down. Heat sources such as sunlight or radiators will dry out and stiffen the leather backing which will cause cracking and shrinkage of the product.
Please refrain from:
  • Washing your sheepskin products in a washing machine and drying it in a tumble dryer – we do not recommend using this method at all.
  • Do not wash your sheepskin products with conventional laundry detergents – please use a detergent dedicated to wool such as Woolite.