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5 Ways to Dress Your Home with a Schapen Rug


A beautiful sheepskin rug is one of this season’s hottest décor trends, and with good reason – sheep’s wool is naturally non-allergenic and odour resistant, it has fantastic thermo-regulating properties and it also happens to be very nice to look at.

In short, every home should have at least one  sheep skin rug in 2020 and beyond. Here are five ways to use it in your home if you weren’t quite sure where to put it:

  1. Sensory rug in baby’s room

Sheepskin retains its natural oils even after it's been removed from the sheep, which means it's resistant to dirt, naturally odour-resistant and even helps to filter the air inside your home. It also retains heat, which makes it a soft, cosy, warm, healthy and safe surface for babies to enjoy some tummy time or playtime.

  1. Cosy seat in the office

If there ever was a year to spruce up your home office, this would be it. Most of us have been spending more time working from home in 2020, and it really helps if the space in which you do your work is comfortable and attractive. Adding a sheep skin to your chair is a good way to add a little padding, even in summer - merino wool is very breathable and wicks away moisture from the body.

  1. Pretty throw in the bedroom

Adding a sheepskin rug to the foot of your bed dials up the textural variety on a bedroom for more visual interest, and also makes for a very cosy situation in wintertime.

  1. Snug reading nook in a teenager’s room

Create a snug reading nook in your teenager’s room by adding a sheepskin rug, a fabric tepee, some throw pillows and atmospheric fairy lights.

  1. Cushy seating on the porch

While it’s not recommended to leave a sheepskin rug out in the open as a permanent al fresco décor element, layering a few of these beauties over your porch chairs when company comes is a good way to offer seriously plush guest seating.

There you have it – five ways to dress your home with a Schapen rug. Keep an eye on the blog for more interesting info on Merino wool and its many uses. In the meantime, remember to follow Schapen Collection on Facebook and Instagram for lifestyle inspiration, details on special offers and more.