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Why a Sensory Rug Just Makes Sense



Sensory rugs for babies is a trend that keeps coming back because it works. Our grandmothers understood the benefits thereof very clearly, and even though the go-to sheepskin rug for babies may have skipped a generation or two, it’s clearly circled back and is here to stay. Why? It’s simple, and it also helps that a sensory sheepskin rug is rather beautiful, in our opinion.

Here are a few of the benefits of using a sheepskin rug as a sensory surface for babies:

It’s safe and healthy

Sheepskin retains its natural oils even after it's been removed from the sheep, which means it's resistant to dirt, naturally odour-resistant and even helps to filter the air inside your home. It also retains heat, which makes it a soft, cosy, warm, healthy and safe surface for babies to enjoy some tummy time or playtime.

It’s extremely versatile

You could not ask for a more versatile infant-care essential. You can use a sheepskin rug on a playroom floor, drape it over the side of a crib, use it to line a car seat, tuck it into the stroller for a snug fit, and more. However you choose to use it, you can rest assured that your baby will love the soft feel of the wool and the snugness of it against their skin.

It's gentle and practical

Sheep’s wool is very gentle against a baby’s skin, but still offers a level of sensory stimulation that is vital for healthy development. Best of all – you can toss it in the wash if things get messy, which makes it very practical for use around tiny humans.

There you have it – the benefits of sensory sheepskin rugs for babies. Keep an eye on the blog for more interesting info on Merino wool and its many uses. In the meantime, remember to follow Schapen Collection on Facebook and Instagram for lifestyle inspiration, details on special offers and more.